Friday, December 31, 2010

Brb, going to Florida

So I'm pretty sure I failed to mention that I was going to Florida during winter break! Well, I did! Haha, we go every year to see my grandma. She's very... well.. out there, but I love her nonetheless. This was the first official day we were there! I honestly don't remember what we even did that day, to be honest. I believe it was Christmas Eve. (Which doesn't really pertain to me, but you know, I love Christmas anyway.) 

Day 1 (2)

My grandma lives in a huge assistance living building (although she needs no assistance whatsoever, she and my grandpa moved there eight years ago for the social aspect) that is surrounded by this huge, gorgeous lake. When it's warm, my mom and I always lay out by it. The one thing I hate though is the abundance of birds back there. I seriously hate birds. In a few seconds, you might notice that I dyed my hair! Yep, I did! It's actually my natural, natural color more or less. I had hated how light it got because I had put red in it last winter and it faded so greatly that I looked like I had two-toned hair. I hated it!

Day 1 (1)

Day 1 (3)

Day 1 (5)

Day 1 (4)

Outfit Details:
Dress- Target
Sandals - H&M (the sole is breaking off! :/)
Cardigan - Kohl's

This is just the beginning of many Florida posts! Stay tuned! And everyone have a happy New Year and be safe! I believe I'm going to a "party" tonight, but who knows honestly. I'm never home for it and when I am, I usually just spend it with my family. What are your New Year plans?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Why do they keep creeping on us?"

I'm going to keep this short and sweet for I have to attend to homework and studying. Blah! My friend and I went out today so I could finish buying presents for my bests and we ended up waiting until it was dark to see some Christmas lights in the park! Ah, I love Christmas lights. I really wish I could celebrate Christmas; it's just so festive. I don't see many Hanukkah decorations... ever! Don't let these pictures completely fool you... it was beyond freezing! Sometimes I regret my outfit choices greatly. Well, looks like homework is calling my name. Ah, at least one more day until the weekend! And four more school days until break / 7 days until Florida! Yay!

Tank and cardigan - H&M // Skirt - JCPenney // Tights - Macy's // Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Oh, you know... just warming up by the campfire.

Now playing: Hearts of Giants - O' Holy Night

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For a minute I was lost

So, I'm back? I apologize for the long absence, but literally all I ever have time for is school and I clearly don't care about my appearance anymore. (Well, I do, but I've come to the conclusion that all I do nowadays is throw on a cardigan and a shirt underneath.) Literally, my favorite outfit as of late would be my Vampire Weekend shirt paired with my dark grey hoodie, jeans, and mocs.  However, I did receive some black Friday clothing (although not a lot.) But, for whatever reason, now I think I have some more drive to dress cute again. Seriously, this year is a complete polar opposite from last year. Whenever I would wear jeans last year, I'd be like, "I wish I was in a dress or a skirt." Now it's "I wish I was wearing jeans." I have so many issues with my life.

Yesterday, I stayed home sick. Considered it a "personal snow day," I suppose. But I really was sick. I watched Leap Year and yelled at the television the entire time because I want love terribly. I just wanted to keep it casual and warm today, but with some flair. Especially since I wore my new boots and new scarf! Love! I first saw these boots on Tieka last year and I just had to have them! I especially got a great deal on them as well, 60 some dollars! Plus, I can tuck my jeans into these lace up boots. My others from Urban Outfitters do not allow that! And, people actually complimented me on them! That's a first. Ugg boots are the sad majority of my school, and people don't deal well with minorities such as lace up boots. Anyway, hopefully I can get back to regular posting nowadays! Stay tuned!

PS: I changed up my layout a bit and I changed my blog name. I was reading a Dylan quote and the blog name just came to me. What do you guys think? :]

Why is my twin brother so attractive? Really.. haha.

Tank top (underneath) and cardi - H&M
Jeans and scarf - Forever 21
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

Now playing: Tanlines -  Real Life

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I've been gone. AGAIN. I hate junior year, it's so stressful. Anyway, I'm working on renovations. I'm changing my blog name. Yes, AGAIN. And I'm going to try to change the layout up a bit. Bare with me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Born to gaze into night skies

I feel ironic because I pretty much explained my hiatus yesterday, and then I suddenly have a post. Then again, my life is the biggest irony ever, not even kidding. Haha. However, like I said, I've been wearing a lot of jeans recently, so I decided to display an outfit! Mainly because I've only posted jeans on here once. I had originally planned on a completely different outfit, but then I just came up with every flaw in it and changed. I'm so indecisive! I didn't even realize it, but I figured out where I got my inspiration from! In January, Tieka wore pretty much the same exact outfit! Click here. I've never tried replicating outfits, but I think I did pretty well for the first time! We had to get a ride from a friend to school this morning because my mom had to be at her school early, and once I put this vest on, I realized that it had formed two holes! And I've only worn it/washed it once! So, I literally brought a spool of thread and a needle into the car and had to sew it on the way to school. I lost the needle in there, too... oops!

It's really hard to make due with your surroundings when you don't have a car to drive at the moment/when your photographer isn't willing to go anywhere with you. Eh, the ups/downs of using your brother to take your pictures. Although sometimes, he'll be like "ugh, nooo" and then a second later he'll say "oh, okay. I'll do it."  PS: We've been working on our aprons in clothing! I'm so horrible at cutting, so I don't know, a lot of my fabric is uneven. Wah! Wish me luck for when we actually start sewing it!

Oh hay

Oh hay q-t 3.14


Fence, holla!

Bow ring! <3
Ah, this is my ring from H&M I bought two weekends ago in Pittsburgh! I love it, but all of the silver is coming off on the band! 

Oh, Jem
See, here's my beef with my brother's clothing choices. He usually has some potential in an outfit, he just doesn't work with it. He really needs some fashionable shoes. He just won't believe me. Oh, brothers.

Lace Top and Jeans - Forever 21
Vest and ring - H&M
Flats - Payless

Monday, October 11, 2010


It's not that I'm so much in a fashion slump, it's more so I'm just trying to focus on my school year and not focusing so much on this blog. It's just also that yes I do love my 15 followers, but where is that getting me? I mean yes I've become more risky in what I wear and all of that jazz, but where is this blog taking me? Because it's really not taking me anywhere. 

I've been wearing a ridiculous amount of jeans for whatever reason (it's beyond me.) Also, I'm not one to let things get in the way of what I wear, but a few weeks ago this girl called me over to her lunch table and said "do you ever wear pants?" and I responded "uh yeah, I actually have been a lot." And she goes "Oh, well I don't think you should be wearing skirts or dresses. I think you should just stick to pants. You look a lot better in them." And then she was all like "Yeah, I think you should take my advice." And I said "well, uh, I think you should shut the *bleep* up." (Please note that I am a REALLY nice person, but I'm sorry things just irritate me sometimes.) And ever since then, all she and her snooty, disgusting lunch table does is stare at me when I walk in the cafeteria. And she threw something at the back of my head the other day! Seriously, how childish? Oh, and according to my ex-best guy friend, I look like a "homeless stripper" on a daily basis. So ridiculous. I don't know, it's not that I'm letting these things get to me, it's just that they have found a way into my sub-conscience. 

I'm not saying that this is a hiatus or anything, because I appear to take those a lot. I'm just letting you know why I haven't been posting. Anywho, thank you again for your support because you 15 followers mean a lot to me, really. Oh, and here's something school related! Since this is basically why I haven't been trying that much with my outfits. This is a project I did last school year in honors history. We had to pick a song to define a generation, and fortunately my group got the 80s! PS: the long sleeved checkered-patterned shirt boy absolutely hates me. You just can't tell... PPS: I did the editing on this video! And among every other video I've made of course, I had to have issues. All of our computers/laptops literally broke on the week before the last week of school. So convenient, right? And right when I was doing this project and another project! I love life, really.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm the hero of this story, don't need to be saved

Well, I survived my first week of hard junior year! My AP Gov tests mad me want to die. The multiple choice wasn't as bad as the short answer, I mean, at least I could breathe during the multiple choice. Haha! This weekend was pretty fun, I mean Friday was just great. Saturday was bland. And today was alright. So listen to this, I went to the park alone today! My whole family was at BW3 to get wings and watch the Steelers game, but I was supposed to go out with my one friend today. Yeah, that didn't happen. So, I was so entirely bored that I went to the park by myself. My mom was yelling at me not to go, claiming that "I'll get raped" and blah, blah, blah. She was just trying to scare me, I suppose. Although I did get lurked on! A park police officer came in his little truck thing, and I thought he was just trying to cross the bridge to get to a different part of the park, so when I moved to let him through, I just continued taking pictures afterward. But when I walked over in the other direction, he was just sitting there! With his truck facing me! Needless to say I got out of there RIGHT AWAY. Oh yeah, and why do I always get lost coming out of Mill Creek park? I have not a clue. I got really, really lost this time. Again, thank you GPS.

So anyway, these are my first pictures taken with self-timer! Usually, they turn out so bad that I end up not posting an outfit. Weird. These actually came out nice! Well, I mean, in my opinion of course... I'm still working on getting a tripod and remote. I'm hoping to post a few times this week, I mean, I don't see any truly hard tests coming up. Or I don't believe so, at least. Let's pray!

Oh, PS: I didn't tell you about these shoes you're about to see! I got them... two-three weeks ago? And I've only worn them out twice. The leather is so obnoxiously stiff, that they still are stiff! Ugh! But I love them anyway, and even when I first got them in the mail, I looked online and they didn't have the bigger size anyway. PPS: I've truly realized what blogging has done for me. I've gotten so much self confidence, it's unbelievable. Like this girl I used to be friends with whom I dislike very much now, random IMed me on facebook and was like "I hate all of your shoes. You look like an amish hooker." I was like "Okay thanks, I bet, this was fun, peace!" So ridic. But if I didn't have this self confidence, I probably would've cared. So thank you for being so positive!




Lost child?

Yeah, lost child

Shirt - H&M
Skirt - Forever 21
Tights - Kohl's
Socks - Mommy!
Oxfords - Chelsea Crew at Urban Outfitters

Sunday, September 12, 2010

First day of school!

I'm a little late on this post, I know, but honestly school has been such a struggle recently! And it was only the first week, ah! I have great classes, however, even though the workload is seeming heavy already. AP Gov doesn't seem like anything impossible yet, but I guess I'll just have to see! And listen to this, I am actually really good at Spanish (over 100% last year at one point,) but Spanish 3 is pretty impossibe so far. And I really don't want to hurt my GPA. I don't know, guess I'll just have to wait it out with that one... ugh! I kept my first day outfit pretty casual, nothing too flashy... and guess what!? I actually wore jeans this past week at school. TWICE. That never happens. Ever!
Tank top and sandals - H&M
Skirt - Dillard's
Headband - Forever 21

I finally got my license! It was really scary because I had already failed once, but at least I was taking it in a pretty easy and familiar area unlike last time where I had to take the test in a town 30 minutes away. That was a struggle. But I passed! My brother unfortunately failed again. But he only failed the maneuverability this time. I felt really, really bad. Really. Hopefully now that I have my license, I can go drive out to take outfit pictures! As long as my brother is up to it, haha!

There was a bee! I am so fortunate that my mom captured this, really, thanks..
Tank - H&M
Skirt - Old school Delia's
Cardigan - American Eagle
Shoes - TOMS!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Are we allowed to be here?"

So a few weeks ago, I received the er, "privilege" of photographing my favorite boys, Lethal FX and Blaq Bach. (Real names Ludovic and Carlton, haha!) As you read two posts ago, Lethal FX is one of my brother's best friends and also another rapper along side my brother. Blaq Bach is his producer and he also produces beats! So cool. And he is absolutely hilarious! Now like I said before, I am in love with this boy. No, no, not literally... well, maybe! Hehe! You would not believe all of the things I said to him... and no, you don't want to know the things I said to him! Don't judge me, I'm not serious! :] Honestly, this boy makes me melt. And I'm sure all of you can relate to that feeling! When Blaq Bach was surprised at something I said, Lu replied with "Yeah, she's in love with me. But it's okay, I'm in love with her too. I'm just waiting until she's 18." Boo, at least he's a gentleman with morals, right? Anyway, we pretty much drove all over Youngstown stopping at random locations to take pictures. Here are some of my favorites. (If you'd like to see more, in a crappy quality unfortunately, head on over to my facebook!)

I think this may very well be my favorite from the entire shoot! Just everything is beautiful in it, ahh!
This is also another favorite of mine. He was right when he said that wall would look cool!
I told you we were in love!

PS: I changed up my layout a bit! A new header (Yes, I took that picture too, just like my last header) and a new title font! As well as a new blog name! I'm sorry, I like change sometimes. School is starting on Tuesday so I should have more outfit posts as I have more of a reason to not just wear casual clothes everyday! Stay tuned. And thank you so much for following my blog! It really means a lot to me.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Megan birthday week!

So I am aware that this is two weeks late, but Megan birthday week ran from August 16 - 22. And let me tell you, it was so, so great! Although my actual birth day wasn't the best (I did get to see the love of my life that night, though), the rest of the week was just great! My friends really do know how to make my life amazing. Sadly, my brother accidentally broke my cake! I was hysterical. It was horrible. But luckily we received a new one free of charge the next day. Anthony and I had our birthday dinner for the second year in a row! It's crazy because his birthday is a day after mine. Really this is not a post full of many stories because I'm not going to reveal the entirety of Megan birthday week. (Unfortunate, right?)  Just know that it was a great week and a great 16th birthday! Especially because I extended Megan birthday week when my dad came home from a business trip!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Went to Vex, offered some sex

On Sunday, August 15, Vexfest 7 occured. Vexfest, in a nutshell, is a less classy Bonaroo/Lollapalooza in my opinion. It's in downtown Youngstown and there were 40 bands. It was mainly compromised of hard rock and metal, but my brother performed with some of his friends, so there was an infusion of rap there. I was there for 9 hours in the hot, hot heat! And I actually had a lot of fun, surprisingly. Although for at least eight of those hours, I had to pee. And I was so thirsty, I resorted to drinking beer only because my brother got it free. And my "x" came off my hand. Beer's disgusting, by the way. I sold t-shirts for my brother Jon "Throwback" and his friend Ludovic "Lethal FX." Now let me just throw it out there how much I love Lu. Pathetic? Maybe. But true? Yes. He's a perfect gentleman and so nice to me! He picked me up the other day and opened my door every single time. You want to know the most awkward thing that happened at Vex? I was holding a sign that said "shirts for sex" (Yes, Lu and I got to the point of advertizing that you'd get laid if you bought a t-shirt) and all of a sudden, I saw my Spanish teacher waving to me! Ah! Haha. It was so crazy.
My loving broseph, Jon, and I.
Oh hey
Surprisingly, in the before picture, you could see all kinds of veins popping out. It was honestly gross, no matter how cool Jon thinks it looked. I just HAD to photoshop them out.
Ludovic :] I think this has to be one of the best pictures I have ever taken in general, really.

I probably would have stayed at Vex past 9 o'clock, (it lasted until 2am) but my phone had died and my friend was leaving. And I'm pretty glad I did leave because everyone got drunk afterwards and went psycho. Before this picture was taken, I was going through photos with Lu and he kept rubbing the small of my back and I'm sorry that I'm such a girl about this, but it was great. He makes me squeal like a 12 year old girl at a Backstreet Boys concert in 1999. Don't judge me, please. I said to him, "we've got to take an after picture" because we took one before, and he said to me "I'm going to kiss your cheek because I know you'll like it." It's like he knows me so well or something. Hehe!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

If we ever meet again.. : The wedding and post wedding

I'm really behind on these posts, but I am ridiculously busy! Yesterday was Vex Fest and today is the start of Megan birthday week, so I'll be out everyday. Anyways,  last Sunday was the wedding day! A.K.A. the day everyone was waiting for, obviously! We all just spent the day pretty much getting ready. There was a street fair (or something like that) going on on the street of our hotel, so my dad forced me to finally go down with him and we bought some t-shirts and a smoothie. I saw so many look-a-likes in New York, that I went crazy when I thought I saw my cousin walking in his tux on the street rushing. IT WAS HIM! My dad and I were like, "oh hey Aaron!" Haha! It was great. The wedding was luckily pretty short, and I didn't get in trouble for not wearing my shawl due to the the temple being more so religious. None of my cousins were wearing shawls, so I felt very relieved. My cousin sure did pick a winner! They are so happy and precious together. Mazel Tov Aaron!
Minus Jon

La familia! Minus my older brother, Jon. He had to work and couldn't get off to come to New York. Sad face.
I had seen Alex during appetizers, and I think he said I looked nice, but who knows! I'm keeping that in my mind anyway. When I was on the dance floor with my cousin, I had said to him "you know, we're dancing later. you owe me." So my hopes were getting pretty down until near the end, he took my hand and we started dancing! He's actually really gentleman-like, he was holding my hands and he spun me a few times. But it was still modern. AND AMAZING :] He had said before "have you been drinking?" and of course I was just like "ohh yeah!" Even though I had one drink. And hardly any alcohol in it. He said to me "you know, the night before it seemed like you were really pissed at me. Because it seemed like you thought that I was making fun of your age. But really, I'd love to be 17 again." And I whispered in his ear "I could never be mad at someone as attractive as you." Haha! We talked about college and stuff like that until my grandma came over with a shocked look on her face and she broke us up because she needed something. Wah! :( But it was amazing nonetheless. I said to my cousin "excuse me while I die now."
Oh hello Dunsky..
Hahahah! My brother, Jeremy actually took this. Oh thanks, Jeremy!

Even looking at this makes my feet hurt. Ouch.

Later on we were looking for Alex, but we couldn't find him. May I add that my feet hurt TERRIBLY? Five inch heels and hardly any platform hurts. A lot. When we found him, I said "hey, can I get a picture with you?" And he was like, "are you serious? I'm so drunk." But we did anyway. He said that he is terribly at smiling on command. I don't blame him. Then he said that when I come do college visits in New York, he'll take me out and such. I was on cloud nine, obviously. I said that I'd probably end up lurking him on facebook, even though his last name is impossible, and he said "no seriously though, add me on facebook. Please. I'm eating the noodles." I was like, ight! Sweet! CLOUD NINE, hello.

hay dunsky 2
Ahhh! :]

After the wedding was just filled with fun! The next day Jeremy and I walked through times square and such and went to a magic show. It was so fun! And after the show I went up to the host and said "big sexy right here!" Hehe! We went to another show, Memphis, the next night and it was so so good! I miss New York so hardcore. I really do.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Do you miss me New York? : pre wedding

So New York was everything I asked for and more! Besides some family issues, of course. Oh, grandma... And so now the post-vacation depression sets in. I was discussing this with Nina and she said the reason why it's so severe this time is because I was living the life I always wanted to live in the big city, and being so carefree and now the reality is setting back in that I'm back in a horrible place where nothing exciting ever happens. Wah! I couldn't agree more. So this is the first of my New York posts and I am actually really surprised that I didn't take that many photographs. I think I have about 100 pictures in my facebook album! Ridiculous, yeah? These are probably going to be completely long stories, but it's my blog, so I can do what I want, correct? Correct! So this is the beginning of my long New York posts. I will be posting them over the next three days based on when they happened. These are the days that led up the wedding. I will post the wedding tomorrow, and post-wedding afterwards.


Dress - H&M / Headband - Forever 21 / Heels - Kohl's / Handbag - Jessica Simpson at Macy's

This was Friday night, the night we got in. After we got in in the afternoon, we didn't do much of anything. It was just a kind of relaxing day until Friday night services. When my brother was taking pictures of me outside of the synogauge, my grandma's sister was saying "I didn't know Jeremy liked you that much!" Real funny. I love my brother taking pictures of me though. It's less awkward. Before I continue, can I just say how many attractive guys there are in New York?! Anyway, the dinner was alright, although I didn't eat anything at all. I said that I was just like Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Ritchie because I had gum and diet coke. The services were fine, although I did find myself looking at a reallll cute guy wearing tight pants and a tight shirt. I do love those kind. We're not related, don't worry :]

Oh hay
Tank top - Nordstrom / Skirt - H&M / Shoes - Deena & Ozzy at The Village / Sunglasses - Target

The next day, other than dinner at Carmine's, was filled with just walking around. My mom and I were on a quest for Pinkberry! And we found it, yay! Carmine's was pretty good, although again, I'm a very picky eater due to thinking everything is far too fattening. Oh well! Again, the same cute boy was two seats down from me, so I kept getting into the conversation. Naturally! My cousin Jessica's cousin was like "I have to look good for Alex" and I was like, "Oh, who's Alex? The real fine boy?" And she said to me "I will cut you!" Sarcastically, obviously. After dinner, I was talking to my cousin Aaron, the one who was getting married.
"Not only do you have good taste in women, but you have good taste in friends. Because Alex is sezzy." 
"Yes. Sezzy."
"I don't know what that means."
*Alex comes over.*
"Yes. Sexy. You're sexy. That was the consensus of the table."
"Oh. If only I were ten years younger.."
"Okay den!"
Little did I know that we were about to go walk with them back to the hotel anyway... oops! Alex was just talking to me about random things, but who cares, he was talking to me! And it was great. Then we split up since my heels were killing me (gotta love five inch heels, right?)  But then I thought oh maybe, I'll just walk with my family anyway. But there were across the street and it was Times Square on a Saturday night! I said to Alex "I have abandonment issues. This is not gonna happen." And he said "Don't worry, I won't leave you." Squeee! I sound like a child. Sorry. It was exciting! And then I got to use a line I've always wanted to use.
"So how old are you?"
"However old you want me to be.."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"Whatever you want it to mean.."
I'm so ridiculous, I know! Don't judge me!
"Well I just wanted to know because I wanted to know if you could get into bars or anything."
"Well I'm sure I can be like Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body and just play 'hello titty'."

BeautifulHe said to me in the car "Well you were talking about driving, so you have to be 17." (I guess the driving age in New York/New Jersey is 17?) So I said "yeah sure, let's go with that!" And we just talked about random things. Apparently he's comfortable swearing and talking sexually, because he did. Haha! Good to know that I'm not still looked upon as a 10 year old, because my cousin didn't care either. When we got back to the hotel, I even got in the same revolving door thing with him. Nina said to me "those things are so small though!" I'm like "no it was big I swear!" Hahaha! It's like I gained confidence in New York or something... I ended up seeing him later in the hospitality room, but all I got was a hand touch. Boo :( 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me

This post was actually supposed to be posted on Friday, but that obviously did not happen, so I apologize! My laptop decided to break, plus I had a sleepover. This weekend was quite fun! It might be pathetic to hang out with only two people everyday, but I rather have two best friends than a ton of crappy friends! Plus, Maggie even drove me out to this bridge I love at Mill Creek Park (that my mom can never find.) Love her. We actually went another day for outfit pictures, but I was too awkward because people were fishing. Oops!



Oh hai


Isn't she precious?

Cardigan - H&M
Top - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Forever 21
Flats - Macy's
It's so crazy because during the school`year, I refuse to wear pants of any sort. Now all I want to do`is wear jeans. I think it's just because shorts get too repetitive. I don't know. I just want fall so I can layer again! It was actually relatively cool the past two days so I actually got to layer lightly. I was so happy!
Usually when we have a sleepover, Omegle consumes our time. But my laptop, like I said, was misbehaving, so we made a cake and decorated it in honor of our England trip in two years! (Hopefully) It was decorated by yours truly, with assistance from Maggie. It was red velvet and so, so good!

I probably will not be posting until next week when I'm in New York, but I promise you, the outfits are going to be great!