Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's kind of funny how

warm weather can drastically change my mindset, and how I look at things. Winter is the most depressing time of the year, and now that there's somewhat warm weather... I dunno, I feel completely different. Oh, and I bared legs today! I was aprehensive, but I caved. My friend Nina and I went to the mall later to buy gifts for out other friend Maggie, it was SO GOOD. We bought a penis cake pan, penis lollipop, penis candy... but don't judge. Nina had told the lady at Spencer's "yeah, Megan's the most sexual person I know." And the Spencer's lady says "learning young" and high fives me. Haha!

Dress worn as top/flats - Macy's
Cardigan - American Eagle
Skirt - Old school Delia's circa 2007
Headband - Forever 21

"I've got dicks on my head.. but don't call me a dick head?"

The build-a-bear we made!
Buthe Chocolate Rain Flatcurlz.
Gotta love inside jokes! :]

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