Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I keep waking up late, it's horrible. But then again, so is going to bed at 1 in the morning. I can't wait until tomorrow, because after school ends, spring break arrives. But then again, I have a math and bio test in which I'm about to start studying for. At the same time, I'm fortunate because they were both postponed until tomorrow. I woke up entirely sick to my stomach, and it's hell because usually when I wake up late, I can just have cereal. Instead, I have to wait for my egg whites to cook. Miami cannot come soon enough, I really just need to get out of here. And I am especially excited for shopping! I'm tired of my closet. I literally want to burn 98.9% of my closet. Although I did like my outfit today, for the most part.

Dress worn as top - H&M
Skirt - Dillard's
Tights - Hue via Macy's
Beat up flats - Macy's

The thing about the red dress is that when I wore it alone, apparently it was very obnoxious. My brother and I are walking into school the day I wore it alone and he turns to me and says "Why are you wearing a red dress? You look like you're going to a masquerade... oh wait." So I decided that I would tuck it in. My one friend was very confused because she thought it was a vest, yeah, had to correct her on that one. I was in a ridiculously good mood today after fifth period... can't tell why though ;] But now I'm rather distraught because I have to go study. Boo. Yay spring break though!

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Buky said...

The Dress is cute!
Suits you perfectly!