Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekday recap

This week was horrible, honestly, such a blur. A busy blur, too. All I remember is reading 1984, well lackthereof. Honestly, I love to read. In eighth grade, I would read 1-2 books every month, I once finished one in two days. I would even read while on the treadmill. But 1984, I'm not having it. Haha. I did take some pictures this week, just no style photos. I've been so uninspired, and photography 1 is stressing me out because my prints keep sucking and I keep having to redo them. Ugh! And I'm stuck at home tonight because I decided to sleep for four hours, but I've been so tired. I never sleep in school, and I totally dozed in and out of sleep yesterday and today in English!

Basically, I did nothing but study for my permit and such. It was a really bad day at school! Really bad. :/ I was still really sick, no pictures taken.

Permit day! I literally was hyperventilating during the test, especially when I would miss one. I seriously took off my headband, shoes, and was pulling at my hair. Plus the lady was so mean! I went to B&N later with my girls to study biology later... yeah right! Instead we read sex books, haha :]
Oh look at this lioness..

Reading material!

We're odd.

Not sure what went on, to tell the truth.

Stressed about math, baked muffins that taste more like cookies, outfit wasn't too bad but I still didn't like it. Per usual. It was really sunny Thursday, as well as Friday. And the thing is, when the sun's out, I feel like it should be warm out too. So while I'm looking out the window and I see the sun, I get all excited. But then I go out to the bus and realize it's still cold.

Look at my phone! Poor Raul, covered in flour.

They taste good, they just don't taste like muffins...

Casual outfit, black pants, flannel, shirt underneath. Nothing special :/

Nothing. Plain and simple.

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Buky said...

I really don't think you should be sharing pics of your permit.