Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekend recap

On Saturday, I went to a big high school basketball game with my mom and my best friend Maggie. It was so packed, we were sitting in the bleacher aisleway! She had to leave somewhat early from the game, so we went out into the car and I gave her her birthday present! The rest of the night sucked, pretty much. Oh, I got drunk dialed four times by my friends Cameron and Sean. Yay?
This child lurked on us the entire time. Literally.

"The house shaped box..."
"It's like Easter!"
Gotta love inside jokes :]
I'm so creative.

On Sunday I went over Brady's house because he lives right across from the high school. He's my mom's student and we had never met before, so it was pretty awkward. Well for me, haha! My mom had casually asked him to be a part of my photo project... I didn't think it would actually happen though!

It's so weird, because he's literally the nicest boy I've ever met. Literally! He was such a gentleman the entire time, just great. I'd go into detail, but... that would take up this whole page, which I don't want to do. Anyway, this is just a test I did with my digital SLR, just to make sure that a picture would actually show up.

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