Thursday, April 22, 2010

you don't move me anymore

This post is going to entirely devoted to..... getting my braces off! I was sooo excited! Seriously, people asked me if I was excited... is that even a question? I left school after first period and was so super physched when my ortho said that I was getting them off, and congratulations. Although I was not a fan of the molds for my retainer, especially since the mold stuck to my top teeth! Yuck. My brother is bitter though because he's not getting his off until June. So he's stealing all of my candy from the orthodontist! I didn't get to see my best friend other than in the hallway, but she texted me later telling me that I looked so pretty! This was a great day for sure, I will remember it always :] Oh, and when I came home I ate a massive apple. It was glorious.

This really isn't an outfit post but I still liked my outfit!
V-neck - American Eagle
Skirt and headband - Forever 21
Cardigan - Expres

Monday, April 12, 2010

Besides, maybe this time is different

Have you ever worn something that you just loved? I can say that I hardly ever experience that feeling, but definitely experienced it today! I had bought this tank and skirt while in Miami and was soooo pumped to wear it! Unfortunately, I had to pair it with a cardigan at school, but it was too nice not to take it off for these pictures! I finished my photo project, and only took three pictures that were not at my house. I'm more creative than I thought I was! :] Although I forgot to take one picture, dang! I have no idea how many points she'll take off, but I'm just praying my film develops well tomorrow! Wish me luck! (even though no one reads this... haha)

I got these shoes in seventh grade! Can you believe it?!

Intense scooter?

Tank and skirt - Nordstrom
Headband - Forever 21
Shoes - Keds

"I can't wait until we get home so I can get naked."

We went to the horse races! It was alright... other than the sun beating down on my burn! Ow! I did wear a new dress, but I definitely want to style it differently. I just wore it as it is with sandals, which is not anything special at all!

I can't recall doing anything other than going to my great aunt's house for dinner. Oh! I layed out to try to correct my burn. Didn't really work out, though. Dinner was quite yummy! And she had hummus out as an "appetizer." Hummus is yummus!

Dress - byCorpus at UO
Belt - American Eagle
Sandals - Kohls
Headband - Forever 21

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh, the pain..

My mom, grandma, and aunt all went to temple in the morning... so my brother and I went to the Aventura Mall! Soooo much walking! But it was great. We walked and went into random stores, but when I found the Urban Outfitters and saw how cute it was... I had to go in! They played three Vampire Weekend songs, so it had to be a good day. I bought a dress there on sale, which is rare! Haha. I usually wear dresses to shop, since they're very easy to slip out of... but I figured, what the heck, I'll wear something normal for once! Haha!

Flannel - Dillards
Shirt underneath - Urban Outfitters
(Barely visible) shorts - American Eagle
Sandals - Candie's at Kohls

We came back to my grandma's apartment afterwards and I went to lay out. I was hoping to get raped by the sun... but not this badly! I only get burned on my face and shoulders so I only put suntan lotion there. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. If you can't tell already, I am disgustingly burnt in this picture. I made sure I wore a very conservatve dress so I didn't have to show off my disgusting burn. You see, at first it just looked like a tan. So I was excited (see below) But it slowly developed into a burn. It was "kind of" funny, because this WOULD happen to me... but the excruciating pain wasn't!
This salad was absolutely delicious! It's making my mouth water just by looking at it! (don't judge.)

Dress - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Sandals - Candie's at Kohls
Purse - Style&Co at Macy's