Thursday, April 22, 2010

you don't move me anymore

This post is going to entirely devoted to..... getting my braces off! I was sooo excited! Seriously, people asked me if I was excited... is that even a question? I left school after first period and was so super physched when my ortho said that I was getting them off, and congratulations. Although I was not a fan of the molds for my retainer, especially since the mold stuck to my top teeth! Yuck. My brother is bitter though because he's not getting his off until June. So he's stealing all of my candy from the orthodontist! I didn't get to see my best friend other than in the hallway, but she texted me later telling me that I looked so pretty! This was a great day for sure, I will remember it always :] Oh, and when I came home I ate a massive apple. It was glorious.

This really isn't an outfit post but I still liked my outfit!
V-neck - American Eagle
Skirt and headband - Forever 21
Cardigan - Expres

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I love your outfit! CUTE :)