Monday, May 3, 2010

Take me away like a heroin overdose

So, this is my first thrift store purchase! The tag said $4.50, but I actually got it for $2.00! So exciting. My mom judged me and the people shopping there, but I just don't think she gets it. We had actually gone to the thrift store in order to look for clothing for our Ragtime costumes for chorus,  but we had no luck, but I loved this dress and just had to have it! Today wasn't too bad of a day, my film in photo did come out, although four pictures are super dark. I'm thinking about starting a personal blog. Actually, I'm thinking about giving up on the idea of a blog in general. I've received one comment, and that's it. I'm never going to gain publicity, I know it. So why should I post?

Dress- The Village (thrift store)
Shirt underneath - American Eagle
Flats - Macy's
Ring - Borrowed from a friend


Rebecca Rose said...

Hi, saw you on chictopia, I am gonna add you on my list. So far don't worry if you only received one comment, your blog is amazing so just keep on posting sweetie!!!

Love that dress, it suits you well.

Take care!

Brandi-Nicole said...

Your blog is good! and you shouldn't have one to gain publicity! You should have it as a way of expressing yourself and making friends! If your just out to get famous then it makes it soooooo much harder! Love the dress btw!