Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's my age again?

So yesterday was so good! Maggie, Anthony, and I had planned on having a picnic at the park... however, he was not allowed, so it was just Maggie and I. We were going to get Panera and bring it to the park, but it was so ridiculously hot! We then went to the park to act like children and we played on a playground where no one was. We figured it wasn't good enough, so we went to my elementary school. I really do miss that school. They even have a freaking greenhouse now! I just sat there like "really...?!" Driving school was a total bore after that, and my sleeping pattern is so messed up that I was up until 6am again. So pathetic, I know. I have driving school again today and then I'm going out with my favorites (of course!) and I'm almost positive Maggie is sleeping over. 

Yes, I'm getting to the outfit part now! I decided to mix patterns... again! I had asked Anthony what he thought and he told me NOT to wear it, but he wasn't with me and Maggie... so whatever! I think it looks better on than off. He said to me "when you sent me the picture of the outfit, it was looking a little busy." Haha! Got to love fashion advice. My mom, again, did not approve either. But you know what? I LOVE MIXING PATTERNS. And I have gotten so much more confidence through blogging. I would have never worn some of the things I wear now if I wasn't blogging. And whoever follows my blog, thank you! You really just brighten my day and your comments make me smile!

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I swear, I didn't push her
It totally looks like I pushed her, but I didn't! She said "I have the balance of a two year old."

My precious best friend!


I've grown up way too fast..
Hahahaha! It's hard to not expose yourself while in a skirt on this.

Shirt and skirt - H&M
Sandals - Old Navy


Sarah said...

ha ha looks like a fun day. Very cute pictures:)


Hannah said...

I think you mixed the patterns perfectly!

But I know how it goes getting no approval on your clothes, my sister says no to pretty much everything I wear, yet somehow I get by! haha