Monday, July 12, 2010

You're so pony, so very, very pony pony!

So, I am completely aware of my lack of posting. Or posting outfits. BUT, I actually did go shopping yesterday and was very successful. However, I am wanting to save these outfits up for New York where I can have decent shots and a great background. Maybe I'll wear some outfits seperately, not paring them up the way I bought them. We'll see. But don't judge me on that one. I promise that when I come back and post, the outfits will be just great! Sorry again.

What I've been doing:
Last summer I had painted one of my walls with chalkboard paint.
I finally painted my other three walls (they were previously pale, pale blue from when I was 8.) I bought green paint and used the rest of the chalkboard paint to make the stripes.

I did this all by myself! Although my mom just wants to hate on my paint job, of course...

Maggie: OMG! I love my fortune!
Me: Me too! It reads "no man is a failure who is enjoying life."
Maggie: Oh. Mine too.
Me: Dang.

This is Anthony. He did my eyeshadow. He is my best guy friend for sure :]

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