Saturday, August 14, 2010

If we ever meet again.. : The wedding and post wedding

I'm really behind on these posts, but I am ridiculously busy! Yesterday was Vex Fest and today is the start of Megan birthday week, so I'll be out everyday. Anyways,  last Sunday was the wedding day! A.K.A. the day everyone was waiting for, obviously! We all just spent the day pretty much getting ready. There was a street fair (or something like that) going on on the street of our hotel, so my dad forced me to finally go down with him and we bought some t-shirts and a smoothie. I saw so many look-a-likes in New York, that I went crazy when I thought I saw my cousin walking in his tux on the street rushing. IT WAS HIM! My dad and I were like, "oh hey Aaron!" Haha! It was great. The wedding was luckily pretty short, and I didn't get in trouble for not wearing my shawl due to the the temple being more so religious. None of my cousins were wearing shawls, so I felt very relieved. My cousin sure did pick a winner! They are so happy and precious together. Mazel Tov Aaron!
Minus Jon

La familia! Minus my older brother, Jon. He had to work and couldn't get off to come to New York. Sad face.
I had seen Alex during appetizers, and I think he said I looked nice, but who knows! I'm keeping that in my mind anyway. When I was on the dance floor with my cousin, I had said to him "you know, we're dancing later. you owe me." So my hopes were getting pretty down until near the end, he took my hand and we started dancing! He's actually really gentleman-like, he was holding my hands and he spun me a few times. But it was still modern. AND AMAZING :] He had said before "have you been drinking?" and of course I was just like "ohh yeah!" Even though I had one drink. And hardly any alcohol in it. He said to me "you know, the night before it seemed like you were really pissed at me. Because it seemed like you thought that I was making fun of your age. But really, I'd love to be 17 again." And I whispered in his ear "I could never be mad at someone as attractive as you." Haha! We talked about college and stuff like that until my grandma came over with a shocked look on her face and she broke us up because she needed something. Wah! :( But it was amazing nonetheless. I said to my cousin "excuse me while I die now."
Oh hello Dunsky..
Hahahah! My brother, Jeremy actually took this. Oh thanks, Jeremy!

Even looking at this makes my feet hurt. Ouch.

Later on we were looking for Alex, but we couldn't find him. May I add that my feet hurt TERRIBLY? Five inch heels and hardly any platform hurts. A lot. When we found him, I said "hey, can I get a picture with you?" And he was like, "are you serious? I'm so drunk." But we did anyway. He said that he is terribly at smiling on command. I don't blame him. Then he said that when I come do college visits in New York, he'll take me out and such. I was on cloud nine, obviously. I said that I'd probably end up lurking him on facebook, even though his last name is impossible, and he said "no seriously though, add me on facebook. Please. I'm eating the noodles." I was like, ight! Sweet! CLOUD NINE, hello.

hay dunsky 2
Ahhh! :]

After the wedding was just filled with fun! The next day Jeremy and I walked through times square and such and went to a magic show. It was so fun! And after the show I went up to the host and said "big sexy right here!" Hehe! We went to another show, Memphis, the next night and it was so so good! I miss New York so hardcore. I really do.

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