Sunday, August 1, 2010

Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me

This post was actually supposed to be posted on Friday, but that obviously did not happen, so I apologize! My laptop decided to break, plus I had a sleepover. This weekend was quite fun! It might be pathetic to hang out with only two people everyday, but I rather have two best friends than a ton of crappy friends! Plus, Maggie even drove me out to this bridge I love at Mill Creek Park (that my mom can never find.) Love her. We actually went another day for outfit pictures, but I was too awkward because people were fishing. Oops!



Oh hai


Isn't she precious?

Cardigan - H&M
Top - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Forever 21
Flats - Macy's
It's so crazy because during the school`year, I refuse to wear pants of any sort. Now all I want to do`is wear jeans. I think it's just because shorts get too repetitive. I don't know. I just want fall so I can layer again! It was actually relatively cool the past two days so I actually got to layer lightly. I was so happy!
Usually when we have a sleepover, Omegle consumes our time. But my laptop, like I said, was misbehaving, so we made a cake and decorated it in honor of our England trip in two years! (Hopefully) It was decorated by yours truly, with assistance from Maggie. It was red velvet and so, so good!

I probably will not be posting until next week when I'm in New York, but I promise you, the outfits are going to be great!


Amber Rose said...

Oh dear... you are absolutely beautiful! Lovely blog, posts, outfits... etc.


Amber Rose

Kate Maggie said...

You're mega lovely! I love your blog and your cardigan in these photos. So so pretty. Hope you have a great week pretty. x