Friday, August 20, 2010

Went to Vex, offered some sex

On Sunday, August 15, Vexfest 7 occured. Vexfest, in a nutshell, is a less classy Bonaroo/Lollapalooza in my opinion. It's in downtown Youngstown and there were 40 bands. It was mainly compromised of hard rock and metal, but my brother performed with some of his friends, so there was an infusion of rap there. I was there for 9 hours in the hot, hot heat! And I actually had a lot of fun, surprisingly. Although for at least eight of those hours, I had to pee. And I was so thirsty, I resorted to drinking beer only because my brother got it free. And my "x" came off my hand. Beer's disgusting, by the way. I sold t-shirts for my brother Jon "Throwback" and his friend Ludovic "Lethal FX." Now let me just throw it out there how much I love Lu. Pathetic? Maybe. But true? Yes. He's a perfect gentleman and so nice to me! He picked me up the other day and opened my door every single time. You want to know the most awkward thing that happened at Vex? I was holding a sign that said "shirts for sex" (Yes, Lu and I got to the point of advertizing that you'd get laid if you bought a t-shirt) and all of a sudden, I saw my Spanish teacher waving to me! Ah! Haha. It was so crazy.
My loving broseph, Jon, and I.
Oh hey
Surprisingly, in the before picture, you could see all kinds of veins popping out. It was honestly gross, no matter how cool Jon thinks it looked. I just HAD to photoshop them out.
Ludovic :] I think this has to be one of the best pictures I have ever taken in general, really.

I probably would have stayed at Vex past 9 o'clock, (it lasted until 2am) but my phone had died and my friend was leaving. And I'm pretty glad I did leave because everyone got drunk afterwards and went psycho. Before this picture was taken, I was going through photos with Lu and he kept rubbing the small of my back and I'm sorry that I'm such a girl about this, but it was great. He makes me squeal like a 12 year old girl at a Backstreet Boys concert in 1999. Don't judge me, please. I said to him, "we've got to take an after picture" because we took one before, and he said to me "I'm going to kiss your cheek because I know you'll like it." It's like he knows me so well or something. Hehe!


Amber Rose said...

I'm glad you had fun!

And you are too cute-- "I just HAD to photoshop them out."

You look beautiful, by the way. :)

Hannah said...

Haha, oh my, that story about your Spanish teacher made me laugh!
At least the rest of the time sounded fun. :)

mikala said...

you look awesome, you are very pretty girl, I like your shirt checkered pattern!

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