Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Born to gaze into night skies

I feel ironic because I pretty much explained my hiatus yesterday, and then I suddenly have a post. Then again, my life is the biggest irony ever, not even kidding. Haha. However, like I said, I've been wearing a lot of jeans recently, so I decided to display an outfit! Mainly because I've only posted jeans on here once. I had originally planned on a completely different outfit, but then I just came up with every flaw in it and changed. I'm so indecisive! I didn't even realize it, but I figured out where I got my inspiration from! In January, Tieka wore pretty much the same exact outfit! Click here. I've never tried replicating outfits, but I think I did pretty well for the first time! We had to get a ride from a friend to school this morning because my mom had to be at her school early, and once I put this vest on, I realized that it had formed two holes! And I've only worn it/washed it once! So, I literally brought a spool of thread and a needle into the car and had to sew it on the way to school. I lost the needle in there, too... oops!

It's really hard to make due with your surroundings when you don't have a car to drive at the moment/when your photographer isn't willing to go anywhere with you. Eh, the ups/downs of using your brother to take your pictures. Although sometimes, he'll be like "ugh, nooo" and then a second later he'll say "oh, okay. I'll do it."  PS: We've been working on our aprons in clothing! I'm so horrible at cutting, so I don't know, a lot of my fabric is uneven. Wah! Wish me luck for when we actually start sewing it!

Oh hay

Oh hay q-t 3.14


Fence, holla!

Bow ring! <3
Ah, this is my ring from H&M I bought two weekends ago in Pittsburgh! I love it, but all of the silver is coming off on the band! 

Oh, Jem
See, here's my beef with my brother's clothing choices. He usually has some potential in an outfit, he just doesn't work with it. He really needs some fashionable shoes. He just won't believe me. Oh, brothers.

Lace Top and Jeans - Forever 21
Vest and ring - H&M
Flats - Payless

Monday, October 11, 2010


It's not that I'm so much in a fashion slump, it's more so I'm just trying to focus on my school year and not focusing so much on this blog. It's just also that yes I do love my 15 followers, but where is that getting me? I mean yes I've become more risky in what I wear and all of that jazz, but where is this blog taking me? Because it's really not taking me anywhere. 

I've been wearing a ridiculous amount of jeans for whatever reason (it's beyond me.) Also, I'm not one to let things get in the way of what I wear, but a few weeks ago this girl called me over to her lunch table and said "do you ever wear pants?" and I responded "uh yeah, I actually have been a lot." And she goes "Oh, well I don't think you should be wearing skirts or dresses. I think you should just stick to pants. You look a lot better in them." And then she was all like "Yeah, I think you should take my advice." And I said "well, uh, I think you should shut the *bleep* up." (Please note that I am a REALLY nice person, but I'm sorry things just irritate me sometimes.) And ever since then, all she and her snooty, disgusting lunch table does is stare at me when I walk in the cafeteria. And she threw something at the back of my head the other day! Seriously, how childish? Oh, and according to my ex-best guy friend, I look like a "homeless stripper" on a daily basis. So ridiculous. I don't know, it's not that I'm letting these things get to me, it's just that they have found a way into my sub-conscience. 

I'm not saying that this is a hiatus or anything, because I appear to take those a lot. I'm just letting you know why I haven't been posting. Anywho, thank you again for your support because you 15 followers mean a lot to me, really. Oh, and here's something school related! Since this is basically why I haven't been trying that much with my outfits. This is a project I did last school year in honors history. We had to pick a song to define a generation, and fortunately my group got the 80s! PS: the long sleeved checkered-patterned shirt boy absolutely hates me. You just can't tell... PPS: I did the editing on this video! And among every other video I've made of course, I had to have issues. All of our computers/laptops literally broke on the week before the last week of school. So convenient, right? And right when I was doing this project and another project! I love life, really.