Monday, October 11, 2010


It's not that I'm so much in a fashion slump, it's more so I'm just trying to focus on my school year and not focusing so much on this blog. It's just also that yes I do love my 15 followers, but where is that getting me? I mean yes I've become more risky in what I wear and all of that jazz, but where is this blog taking me? Because it's really not taking me anywhere. 

I've been wearing a ridiculous amount of jeans for whatever reason (it's beyond me.) Also, I'm not one to let things get in the way of what I wear, but a few weeks ago this girl called me over to her lunch table and said "do you ever wear pants?" and I responded "uh yeah, I actually have been a lot." And she goes "Oh, well I don't think you should be wearing skirts or dresses. I think you should just stick to pants. You look a lot better in them." And then she was all like "Yeah, I think you should take my advice." And I said "well, uh, I think you should shut the *bleep* up." (Please note that I am a REALLY nice person, but I'm sorry things just irritate me sometimes.) And ever since then, all she and her snooty, disgusting lunch table does is stare at me when I walk in the cafeteria. And she threw something at the back of my head the other day! Seriously, how childish? Oh, and according to my ex-best guy friend, I look like a "homeless stripper" on a daily basis. So ridiculous. I don't know, it's not that I'm letting these things get to me, it's just that they have found a way into my sub-conscience. 

I'm not saying that this is a hiatus or anything, because I appear to take those a lot. I'm just letting you know why I haven't been posting. Anywho, thank you again for your support because you 15 followers mean a lot to me, really. Oh, and here's something school related! Since this is basically why I haven't been trying that much with my outfits. This is a project I did last school year in honors history. We had to pick a song to define a generation, and fortunately my group got the 80s! PS: the long sleeved checkered-patterned shirt boy absolutely hates me. You just can't tell... PPS: I did the editing on this video! And among every other video I've made of course, I had to have issues. All of our computers/laptops literally broke on the week before the last week of school. So convenient, right? And right when I was doing this project and another project! I love life, really.

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Hannah said...

You should stick with this blogging thing. You actually have 16 followers, I'm the loner following you on Bloglovin' lol

I appreciate your blog and your style. I think we all know too well about stares and awful people picking our style apart. Just keep doing what you're doing. You're right about them being childish.
Well, I hope you have a great week regardless of what's going on at school. :)