Friday, December 31, 2010

Brb, going to Florida

So I'm pretty sure I failed to mention that I was going to Florida during winter break! Well, I did! Haha, we go every year to see my grandma. She's very... well.. out there, but I love her nonetheless. This was the first official day we were there! I honestly don't remember what we even did that day, to be honest. I believe it was Christmas Eve. (Which doesn't really pertain to me, but you know, I love Christmas anyway.) 

Day 1 (2)

My grandma lives in a huge assistance living building (although she needs no assistance whatsoever, she and my grandpa moved there eight years ago for the social aspect) that is surrounded by this huge, gorgeous lake. When it's warm, my mom and I always lay out by it. The one thing I hate though is the abundance of birds back there. I seriously hate birds. In a few seconds, you might notice that I dyed my hair! Yep, I did! It's actually my natural, natural color more or less. I had hated how light it got because I had put red in it last winter and it faded so greatly that I looked like I had two-toned hair. I hated it!

Day 1 (1)

Day 1 (3)

Day 1 (5)

Day 1 (4)

Outfit Details:
Dress- Target
Sandals - H&M (the sole is breaking off! :/)
Cardigan - Kohl's

This is just the beginning of many Florida posts! Stay tuned! And everyone have a happy New Year and be safe! I believe I'm going to a "party" tonight, but who knows honestly. I'm never home for it and when I am, I usually just spend it with my family. What are your New Year plans?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Why do they keep creeping on us?"

I'm going to keep this short and sweet for I have to attend to homework and studying. Blah! My friend and I went out today so I could finish buying presents for my bests and we ended up waiting until it was dark to see some Christmas lights in the park! Ah, I love Christmas lights. I really wish I could celebrate Christmas; it's just so festive. I don't see many Hanukkah decorations... ever! Don't let these pictures completely fool you... it was beyond freezing! Sometimes I regret my outfit choices greatly. Well, looks like homework is calling my name. Ah, at least one more day until the weekend! And four more school days until break / 7 days until Florida! Yay!

Tank and cardigan - H&M // Skirt - JCPenney // Tights - Macy's // Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Oh, you know... just warming up by the campfire.

Now playing: Hearts of Giants - O' Holy Night

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For a minute I was lost

So, I'm back? I apologize for the long absence, but literally all I ever have time for is school and I clearly don't care about my appearance anymore. (Well, I do, but I've come to the conclusion that all I do nowadays is throw on a cardigan and a shirt underneath.) Literally, my favorite outfit as of late would be my Vampire Weekend shirt paired with my dark grey hoodie, jeans, and mocs.  However, I did receive some black Friday clothing (although not a lot.) But, for whatever reason, now I think I have some more drive to dress cute again. Seriously, this year is a complete polar opposite from last year. Whenever I would wear jeans last year, I'd be like, "I wish I was in a dress or a skirt." Now it's "I wish I was wearing jeans." I have so many issues with my life.

Yesterday, I stayed home sick. Considered it a "personal snow day," I suppose. But I really was sick. I watched Leap Year and yelled at the television the entire time because I want love terribly. I just wanted to keep it casual and warm today, but with some flair. Especially since I wore my new boots and new scarf! Love! I first saw these boots on Tieka last year and I just had to have them! I especially got a great deal on them as well, 60 some dollars! Plus, I can tuck my jeans into these lace up boots. My others from Urban Outfitters do not allow that! And, people actually complimented me on them! That's a first. Ugg boots are the sad majority of my school, and people don't deal well with minorities such as lace up boots. Anyway, hopefully I can get back to regular posting nowadays! Stay tuned!

PS: I changed up my layout a bit and I changed my blog name. I was reading a Dylan quote and the blog name just came to me. What do you guys think? :]

Why is my twin brother so attractive? Really.. haha.

Tank top (underneath) and cardi - H&M
Jeans and scarf - Forever 21
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

Now playing: Tanlines -  Real Life