Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For a minute I was lost

So, I'm back? I apologize for the long absence, but literally all I ever have time for is school and I clearly don't care about my appearance anymore. (Well, I do, but I've come to the conclusion that all I do nowadays is throw on a cardigan and a shirt underneath.) Literally, my favorite outfit as of late would be my Vampire Weekend shirt paired with my dark grey hoodie, jeans, and mocs.  However, I did receive some black Friday clothing (although not a lot.) But, for whatever reason, now I think I have some more drive to dress cute again. Seriously, this year is a complete polar opposite from last year. Whenever I would wear jeans last year, I'd be like, "I wish I was in a dress or a skirt." Now it's "I wish I was wearing jeans." I have so many issues with my life.

Yesterday, I stayed home sick. Considered it a "personal snow day," I suppose. But I really was sick. I watched Leap Year and yelled at the television the entire time because I want love terribly. I just wanted to keep it casual and warm today, but with some flair. Especially since I wore my new boots and new scarf! Love! I first saw these boots on Tieka last year and I just had to have them! I especially got a great deal on them as well, 60 some dollars! Plus, I can tuck my jeans into these lace up boots. My others from Urban Outfitters do not allow that! And, people actually complimented me on them! That's a first. Ugg boots are the sad majority of my school, and people don't deal well with minorities such as lace up boots. Anyway, hopefully I can get back to regular posting nowadays! Stay tuned!

PS: I changed up my layout a bit and I changed my blog name. I was reading a Dylan quote and the blog name just came to me. What do you guys think? :]

Why is my twin brother so attractive? Really.. haha.

Tank top (underneath) and cardi - H&M
Jeans and scarf - Forever 21
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

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Rebecca Rose said...

love the boots!!!


Buky said...

Im positive your brother did not see this :D
My brother would have killed me....