Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Why do they keep creeping on us?"

I'm going to keep this short and sweet for I have to attend to homework and studying. Blah! My friend and I went out today so I could finish buying presents for my bests and we ended up waiting until it was dark to see some Christmas lights in the park! Ah, I love Christmas lights. I really wish I could celebrate Christmas; it's just so festive. I don't see many Hanukkah decorations... ever! Don't let these pictures completely fool you... it was beyond freezing! Sometimes I regret my outfit choices greatly. Well, looks like homework is calling my name. Ah, at least one more day until the weekend! And four more school days until break / 7 days until Florida! Yay!

Tank and cardigan - H&M // Skirt - JCPenney // Tights - Macy's // Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Oh, you know... just warming up by the campfire.

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Hannah said...

Christmas lights are the best! I can see why some people "accidentally" leave them up all year round. They're like fireworks of Winter. :)

Those are some very awesome boots! I'm jealous of people who can pull off the tough/girl look (you are now added to that 'jealous of' list ;) )

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

These pictures are adorable! I love christmas lights as well :)
Your outfit is so cute, love that skirt!

sherryl said...

so cute! :) i love your skirt. :]

Maddy said...

super cute boots! sweet blog, love (: