Monday, January 24, 2011


Am I always taking hiatuses? I've come to the conclusion that this is clearly why I don't have many followers. Haha, but seriously. Finals are this week, so I shall be trying to study for those and not going to be too worried about what I wear. Hopefully this next semester will be less busy for me and I'll be able to post at least somewhat regularly, especially because my blog-iversary is coming up in February! Just bare with me, please.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I wish it would snow everyday for all our days

Finally, an outfit post! I feel like it was an outfit that I felt really good about the night before and before I got to school, and then that feeling kind of deteriorated throughout the day... oh well, I liked it when I came home though! This entire week has been filled with stress so far and yesterday was the only day I truly attempted, I guess you can say. Every school in my area received a closing today except my school and another. A snow day would have been great, but I mean, I need to finish my projects in sewing class! Haha, I seriously hate that class so much. My teacher is the biggest female dog ever. One time we were doing something and I said "I'm sorry, but I'm confused." And she responded "Yeah." Uh, okay?

Winter 1

So this is my new hat you'll be seeing a lot of I'm sure! I never wear hats, EVER, because apparently my head is just that awkwardly shaped. But, I bought this at H&M over the weekend when my dad and I went on a shopping excursion to Pittsburgh and I love love love it. Also, you can't really see on the dress, but when I bought it at Nordstrom, I had a whole conversation about the dress with the girl who rang me up. I love fashion talk! And the sheep socks I'm wearing! They were such good luck to me yesterday wearing them for the first time that I have now dubbed them my "lucky socks." Anyway, I'm off to try to start this commercial for gay rights! Any ideas of an inspirational song I can play in the background?

Winter 2
Winter 3
Outfit Details:
Dress - Nordstrom
Cardigan, hat, and socks - H&M
Tights - Target
Oxfords - thrifted

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Let's go look at the aminals!"

Holy picture overload! No text post today due to taking notes for AP Gov. But feast your eyes on some pictures from Busch Gardens // my last day in Florida!


Last day (1)

Yeah, well
Have a lovely evening, everyone! xo

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh Christmas lights, keep shining on

Sorry these weren't posed sooner! I have a habit of having issues with posting during the school week. My deepest apologies. So, I just realized that the reason that I have no day three pictures is because we spent the majority of the day in. We were supposed to do day four night plans of day three, but they didn't want me to go out being as sick as I was. Yeah well. Haha. So we went out to dinner at this great Italian restaurant that we frequent when we go to Florida, and then we went to the Botanical Gardens to see some Christmas lights! Clearly, I was excited. I mean, who doesn't love Christmas lights?! Well, other than my brother that is.. I wanna say it was about 40 degrees this night. Strangly, although I was cold, I felt... comfortable.

Day 4 (2)
Day 4 (3)
Day 4 (4)
Outfit details:
Shirt and cardigan - H&M
Skirt - Forever 21
Tights - Target
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

On Tuesday, we went shopping at International Mall. Thank you for buying my clothes, grandma! Then, we went to Forbidden Broadway! Being a Broadway nut growing up, I've been wanting to see this for a while. Of course the non-theatrical one in the family (besides my mom, who isn't obsessed with shows like my dad and I but still likes to see them) Jeremy had no will of going. So listen to this, when we entered the building, two of my relatives on my mom's side of the family were working there as volunteers! How crazy is that? My dad said to the one "oh great, now my whole vacation is ruined." Good thing my relative thought it was sarcasm, haha!

Day 5 (1)

My brother did his usual complaining about me not putting the flash on. However, he doesn't understand that when the flash is on, you don't get to capture the lights that I wanted to do so. Oh, brothers... they just don't get it. Hopefully I'll finish posting my Florida trip tomorrow! Just bare with me!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas, I could care less

So Christmas day, we just spent most of the day napping. We went to lunch at our traditional place called "The Village Inn." Delicious, like always! I seriously wish I could celebrate Christmas. Just once would I like to experience the magic that is Christmas day. It's just so unfortunate that I wake up and it's just another day; nothing special. But, the one thing I love about my grandma's building is the massive Christmas tree in the lobby! And the Christmas displays they put up!
Day 2 (1)
Day 2 (2)
Day 2 (4)
Day 2 (3)
So how much do you love the Christmas decorations? Like I said, Christmas is so festive. It's hard not to love it regardless of religion. I considered that my "day outfit." Nothing special, keeping it casual, you know? So, I finally convinced my family to get Chinese on Christmas day like all of my other Jewish friends! Looks are awfully deceiving, the exterior of the building is in no indication of the interior! It felt so mod in there, I loved it! And dinner was quite delicious too. 

So, my New Years Eve was alright. The party wasn't much of a party, but I mean, it was better than spending it with my family for once. I went out with my family for Mexican food beforehand, and being that my mom is a Spanish teacher, of course she had to speak to them in Spanish; which then made them think that my brother and I would want to speak in Spanish, making things entirely too awkward. Speaking of awkward, try sitting on a couch next to a guy you rejected a couple months back. Awkward. He even messaged me later saying "I really liked sitting next to you, you're so pretty." Sweet, but eh. My life is full of complications. How was your New Years Eve?

This is what I wore on Christmas night to dinner. Wish I had such good Chinese food back here in Ohio!

uhDay 2 (5)
Outfit Details:
Cardigan: H&M
Skirt: Forever 21
Shirt underneath: American Eagle
Necklace and ring: Gifts
Shoes: Payless
Headband: Forever 21