Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Selective Potential dress!

I've actually owned this dress since the summer, but only wore it plain and wasn't able to work with it. This dress is named after the gorgeous Tieka, from Selective Potential. This is what I wore on our surprise snow day yesterday (which made it a five day weekend! Woop woop!) My hair's up! That doesn't happen. Ever. Alas, this shall be quite short since I am taking notes on 16 pages I have to read >:( Darn you, AP Government! Oh, and I'm going to a Snoop Dogg concert tomorrow! My brother is performing with him again, so I get in for free. V.I.P., holla!
Hi, sup
Outfit details:
Dress - Modcloth
Tights - Target
Cardigan - H&M
Scarf - PacSun
Shoes - Payless


Buky said...

Sometimes the music is a turn off. (Blog)
and most of the time, people look at the pictures. Im probably the only person i know who reads what others write but thats because i love to write also.
I love that dress!
Super cute and the circle scarf is awesome.
Thanks for the Inspiration.

elviism / 艾霏 said...

I love your dress! Looks great on you :)