Thursday, March 10, 2011

"I'll meet you down there in five minutes. If I'm not there, wait some more."

What a fun-filled day was had with Kaing Kush (Dustin) and Lethal FX! (Lou.) Lou agreed to help me with my photo project (I knew he'd be able to drive to places I've never been to and such..) and it was so fun, clearly! I only got a few pictures I could use for my photo project, but I mean... it's a start. They had me climbing everywhere, on top of trains and what not.. in a skirt! And already ripped tights! Ugh, boys!

I have to keep this short due to Gov notes, of course /: Oh, and my laptop is being fixed, that's why I especially haven't posted at all. And I may lose all of my pictures and everything! I'm freaking out!!!! But this weekend I'll FINALLY post my Snoop Dogg pictures, promise! Stay tuned, ya'll!

On top of an abandoned building!
Inside the scary, abandoned building!
Awesome graffiti.

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