Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sippin' on gin & juice (but not really)

So I know this was forever ago, but this is my recap of the Snoop Dogg concert! So it was supposed to be the best day ever, going to a club on a school night, looking "hot", right? Wrong. Club Gossip can barely be considered a club. It's disgusting, the people are disgusting, everything about the place is just wrong. There was a V.I.P. section, but there were at least 200 people in there.. so how could it be considered V.I.P.? Plus you had to pay 10 dollars on top of the 50 dollars for the show! Luckily, I got into the show free. (My brother was performing!) So, we finally get into V.I.P. for free because my mom talked to the owner, but when we get in... there's no way we could even get through to the front! So we were 3 rows of people back, and there was this middle-aged couple grinding! They did it the whole time. On my leg. I literally started crying a little bit, no lie! No one would let me through when my brother started performing!

So, anyway, everyone was pushed back late because Snoop Dogg missed his plane. So my brother didn't go on until 9 rather than 8 and then after his set, this 12 year old along with older guys started rapping. Seriously, I don't think that 12 year olds should be rapping about such vulgar things. Also, there were at least 3 fights that broke out. I was screaming "don't hurt the little white girls!!!" And my friend from Wellsville that was there too even got into one. After that, the radio station hosting the whole thing stalled us for at least another hour, actually over an hour and I was ready to leave. Of course, my friend actually paid for her ticket so we had to stay to see at least a little bit of Snoop.

FINALLY, Snoop comes on at probably midnight, and we stayed for 3 or 4 songs, just to get her money's worth. Of course now by the time Snoop came on everyone grew a foot taller and the audience grew 10x larger. So we're making our way through the crowd, hands held, when this guy stops me, starts grinding against me, and goes "you're not leaving already, are you?" And I reply "yes" to which he replies "Why?" and I go "because it's late and we're tired!" and then he goes down and then comes back up, while touching me inappropriately. I WANTED TO DIE. And my friend thought that I knew him because I was talking to him so she didn't think anything of it until she saw the horrific look on my face and grabbed me to go. He even grabbed her arm! When we finally go out to the main area, I saw Lou and went "I have never been so relieved to see you!" We got Wendy's after and it was the best Frosty. Ever. We didn't get home until almost 2AM and I was just like "great. I'm going to fail everything tomorrow." But I woke up, we had a 2 hour delay, and woke up at 1. I said "either we got a snow day, or I slept in." It was the best snow day ever. I needed it so badly.

My big brother! (Sike!) I love him though.
Lou! We're fighting right now, but... you know.
My brother and Lou performing!
Oh jeez. Snoop Dogg.

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